The Phoenix

The Phoenix

bigshot1Look, as we said on our Home page, Phoenix is undoubtedly one good lookin’ bird. That’s true. To the extent that looks are important to enhancing the Joy of Flight, this airplane, if we can manage to produce it down the line, would certainly bring a smile to the faces of pilots in both the neophyte and “old pelican” categories.

As we pointed out on our Home page, this bird, from the standpoint of the design philosophy, is the parent of the Flyer. The design aims were the same for both although, admittedly, they are aimed at different segments of the marketplace. While the Flyer is intended to be available “out of the box” under the S-LSA category, Phoenix is intended to be sold as a Kit, initially, with certification under FAR Part 23 a long range goal.

How much would the Kit cost and what would you get for your bucks? We’ve done extensive cost exercises and believe that we could get the kit to you for $130K, complete. When we say “complete”, we mean complete, everything (including the oxygen system for those higher altitude flights) required to put together the flying airplane except fluids and paint. OK, so what else would you get for the bucks? Well, what we’re going to do here is to repeat what you saw on the Flyer page with one addition??performance..

Think blazing performance without going broke paying the fuel bill.

Think room, think a lot of room for two. Like the Flyer, the Phoenix cockpit is 50″ wide and will easily take two really big guys with room to spare.

Think getting in and getting out. Like the Flyer, think about getting into and out of your car. The two big clam shell doors open down to the floor and getting into and out of this bird is going to be very much like getting into and out of your car.

Think visibility, think about being able to see the world out there without getting a stiff neck. Take a look at the picture above. That says it all. Think ergonomics. Like the Flyer, think about a fighter type stick in your right hand and the throttle in your left hand.

Think about 3 axis finger tip electrical trim controls mounted on the stick.

Think about other, secondary controls within finger tip distance of your throttle hand.

Think about adjustable seats AND adjustable pedals AND adjustable stick height.

Think computers. Yeah, there’s an onboard computer designed to do all sorts of wonderful things. Example- Is this short strip long enough for me to safely take off? Computer, consider runway length, runway slope, wind, weight and Density Altitude and give me a GO or NO GO. And last but certainly not least, handling. We could talk all day about handling but we know that handling is one of those things that has to be experienced to be believed so we’ll cut this short. We are experts at designing for superb handling and you’re going to think you’re flying the latest creation from Lockheed Martin.

Well, that’s about it for this section.

Why don’t you take a quick look at the Specifications and Performance pages to get a handle on what Phoenix will do?